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Minutes of the 2008 Hurff Reunion

September 14, 2008, Atkinson Park, Hurffville, NJ

The September 14th, 2008 Hurff Family Reunion was called to order by President Judith Steward. Robbie Hurff gave an opening prayer. Robbie Hurff also gave a very appreciated remembrance talk on Fred Stavely, our former treasurer for many years.

The meeting continued with the reading of the minutes. They where approved as read.

Judith reported on the Hurff family book as discussed with Robert Parks. Robert had a previous engagement and was unable to make the reunion this year. The book is still a few years in the future. Robert has needed to reenter a lot of lost data.

The family Roll Call was next.


The following people were recognized:

Youngest person: 4 years old Mason Steward
Oldest person: John Hurff, Sr. 93 years old
Recently married: None
Longest married: John Hurff, Sr.and his wife-74 years
Traveling the farthest distance Doris and Bob Davidson, Hillsboro, NJ

Old Business was the previously discussed Hurff book. Richard Hurff gave a talk on an old relative he discovered, Ursula Hurff, sister to Conrad Hurff, our descendent. After several marriages, she finally had children. This means there is yet another branch of the family to know. Judith continued the subject saying she was always looking for a connection to the Hurffs and the DAR, Daughter's of the American Revolution.

New Business: The secretary, Pat Price, asked to talk about the rising cost of the mailing and possible solutions to try something different. It was motioned and approved that next year we would try a different method of notifying people of the Reunion. Postcards containing web site information, a phone number, and an address that people can use to get reunion information will be mailed in July. Members will be able to go directly to the web site, HURFF.ORG, to read and print the reunion information or call the phone number to request a mailing of information, or write to the address requesting a mailing of information.

Judith gave the treasurer's report this year. There is a balance of $1,586.01 the day before the reunion. At this time Judith asked for nomination s for a new treasurer. Pat Price nominated JoAnn Egan. JoAnn was approved unanimously.

Having no other old business or new business, the meeting was adjourned.

Everyone was asked to please participate in the group picture. Ray Richardson and his friend Ed, both professional photographers, are going to take the pictures and put them on their web site where members can go to get a free copy.

Submitted, Patricia Price

The 2008 photos may be viewed here (You will need to register first, at no cost)

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